2 out of 3 children cannot read at grade-level. 

The early literacy crisis in Sacramento threatens to drastically impact this generation of children, their future and the future of our city. Sacramento‘s literacy crisis requires bold action and massive public awareness.

In addition to illuminating the literacy crisis, net proceeds from the Walk4Literacy will be used to grow children’s programs that are increasing reading and writing skills. Our goal is to help every child reach grade-level reading.

The Walk4Literacy is a collaborative project. Join us!


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Save the Date for the 2nd Annual Walk4Literacy: October 17, 2015

Sacramento’s first Fall rain inaugurated Sacramento’s 1st Annual Walk4Literacy on Saturday October 25, 2014.  More than 850 walkers including literacy providers, literacy investors, and families using literacy resources came together for a fun 4-mile walk that ended at the California Capital Book Festival.   The Walk4Literacy was produced by collaborating organizations who believe that the literacy crisis in Sacramento will be solved through synergies gained by working together toward grade-level reading. 

Support Children’s Literacy in Sacramento!

Inquiries can be mailed to P.O. Box 1168, Sacramento, CA 95812-1168